Hamlet Essay Research Paper Act IV Scene

Act IV, Scene vii:

Claudius convinces Laertes that he is innocent in Laertes’ father’s death

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and that Hamlet is to blame.

A messenger enters with Hamlet’s letter and Claudius is amazed to find that

Hamlet is still alive. Claudius reads the letter to Laertes. Hamlet is

writing to inform the King that he has returned to Denmark and tha he

wishes to meet with Claudius tomorrow.

Claudius, concerned about Hamlet’s untimely return, advises Laertes to have

a dueling match with Hamlet. In this match, Claudius plans to have Laertes

kill Hamlet. They plan to cover the tip of Laertes’s sword with poison.

Once Hamlet is struck with the sword, he will die. Hamlet’s death will end

Claudius’ worries about anyone finding out about his involvement in his

brother’s death. To further ensure Hamlet’s demise, Claudius intends to

present Hamlet, if he scores the first “hit”, with a poisoned goblet of

wine. This way, Hamlet will be killed.

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