Guns in america

For my discursive essay I have chosen "Guns in America" and will look at the licensing laws and some reasons behind all the gun-related deaths.
America is in a deadly love affair with firearms which kill nearly 35 000 people every year. Many blame the "blood soaked statistics" on the world's weakest gun laws, while others blame it on the guns, the culture or even just bad parenting.
America is one of the world's richest countries but it has the world's weakest gun laws. Some people blame this for all the gun-related deaths. Gun related deaths in Great Britain and Australia have decreased dramatically as a result of stricter gun laws following the Dunblane and Port Arthur massacres. This shows that countries not as rich and powerful as America have done something to prevent it from happening again where as one of the richest and most powerful countries has done nothing to prevent massacres happening again.
It took 12 years after President Regan narrowly escaped an assassination attempt for Congress to pass the Brady Bill (A 5-day waiting period and background checks of prospective pistol purchasers). As a result of the "Brady Bill" it has prevented some 250 000 people from purchasing handguns and probably prevented a lot of fatalities. If it took this long after the president narrowly escaped an assassination attempt to devise this law how long will it take to sort out simple everyday shootings across the nation?
Most Americans want stricter gun laws as a recent Harris poll found out that 69% of all Americans and 57% of the nations gun owners WANT stricter gun laws. With around 200 – 250 million guns in America and 10 times as many licensed gun dealers as Mc Donald's restaurants, it is no wonder, they want stricter gun laws and want to reduce the number of gun fatalities.
But all of America is not as obsessed with guns as Kennesaw in Georgia has

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