The Renaissance was a time of ingenuity and innovation. A time of new beginnings and inventions which would change our history forever. This was the period of time that gave individuals the freedom to create and invent new things never before seen or done. In the following paragraphs you will read about gunpowder, how it was created and it's uses in the renaissance time. A weapon of power and strength that was all put into one, that changed our history forever and molded our modern weapons of today.
Gunpowder, the word tells us only the beginning of the story, which follows in its path.Not many can truly say they know everything about gunpowder, but some can say they know enough.Also known as black powder, gunpowder served as a tool to express beautiful lights in the night sky.Soon to be known as the invention of fire works, the creators were non- other than the Chinese.The Chinese were to have said to make gunpowder in 1040.After being invaded by Mongol hordes they also invented thefirst exploding arrow (the rocket).Made with a bamboo shoot, which was filled with gunpowder and iron shards, proved to be a superior weapon that could easily injure or kill a bunched up group of horseback riders.Soon the Koreans built thefirst cannon as well as thefirst iron turtle boat and thefirst to use cannons on a boat.These cannons used gunpowder that was similar to the Chinese and the cannons them selves were a great advancement in history.
The cannon, later to be known as artillery, wasfirst used in the years between 1280-1340. The word cannon wasfirst used in a Florentine document which dates back to 1326. The word cannon derives from the Latin "canna," meaning "reed," an obvious reference to the tubular constructions of such devices at the time.Not until 1327 would King Edward III of England use the cannon in his invasion of Scotland. This campaign gave us a rough description of an ear

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