Gun Control: simply stated

The right to bear arms.What an interesting sentence.Of course we all know it's not really a sentence because it lacks a subject.And therefore we need a who.But who does have the right to bear arms?Do I have the right to bear arms, and if so do I even want that right?The majority would say yes, I want that right, being obvious with the incredible hoards that follow the NRA in their uproars and what not.But I might actually stray from the pack, not to say no, but rather to say why.Why would I want that right and how could I benefit?And more importantly, what responsibilities are non-refundable when I make that purchase?How about the responsibility of holding someone else's life in my hands.That's non-refundable.Once I point that deadly mouth at my target and let her spit, that's it.There's no time for a second thought and certainly no time for taking it back.A being's life is non-refundable.There's no taking it back and no putting it on hold.It's a one time deal tagged with an incredible price, one I'm not to willing to pay.My right to hold a gun is completely tipped by another's right to live.At least on my scale anyways.Maybe I'm just hoping my life in return will be on the same side of whoever is about to weigh it.I'm prepared to hear the majority that say I'm dreaming.Those who say my life will be tipped in two seconds flat because the person about to spit doesn't give two craps***.That's probably true but I hope never to be put in this situation.And if I am then it's beyond my control.The only thing I can control is the weight of my own scale.And if it were to tip the wrong way, whether by accident or in defense, well that's just too much weight for me to carry the rest of my life.So I guess then, because I'm not prepared to carry the load, I'm not ready for the price that

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