Gun Control

The article entitled “An Armed Society is a Polite Society’, emphasizes on the increase of gun permits after September 11th. They have stated that the most common phrase to justify gun usage is “An armed society is a polite society”, state by Sheriff Jim Alderden of Larimer County, Colorado where 1500 people applied for the gun permit in the last two years after he had revoked the $100 fee following 9/11. The main concern of the article is fear. The fear of people and their safety after September 11th and their fear is general, especially for the citizens of West Palm Beach, Fl. Which was where the hijackers had lived in the previous months of September 11th. An estimated one third of those who purchased guns after September 11th arefirst-time owners. i am firmly against gun control, though i do feel there should be a larger limit on hand guns, not rifles for they are easier to hid, and if you are really owning a hun for safety of your family then there is no need to have a pistol ove a rifle that could just as well be used for protection’s sake. Statistics say a gun is 22 times more likely to be used against a family or friend than against an intruder, however the same can be said about just any weapon or substance. In Towanda Africa a civil was between tribes broke out killing 800,000 savagely, in April of 2004, they were mainly using knives and clubs during the attacks. America’s victory in the Revolutionary War would not have been a victory if not for the wapons we had. The only war that had been won without some kind of weapon, involved Gandhi and the nonviolent protest, which will only work if the ones you are fighting are morally unwilling to fight anyways, by that time Indians greatly outnumbered the English and the English were just unwilling. However, Hitler and Nazi Germany were not so kind. The Holocaust is a reminder that nonviolence may just become even more violent than it had began. People say they do not like guns bec…

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