Greek Goddess Athena

Many Creek gods and goddesses make up the stories we know about the most famous constellations of stars we look at every night. One of which is the goddess Athena. While not a constellation herself, she? S a key character in many of the stories. Athena was the goddess of crafts, war, and wisdom. She is very unique in lots of ways, Some of which are her many names, hove she came about, and her very own city. It avgas said that she was to carry out deeds that Zeus could not do but would want to do. She taught mortals natal care and healing.

She also made the flute, the olive tree, and showed men how to train horses. Since the beginning of time names have had their own special meanings. Athena held several names, three of which are, Palls, Athena, and Athena. Palls and Athena came from her full name Palls Athena, representing her duel nature. Palls, meaning the goddess of storms, strength, battle, war, chivalry, and victory. She? S also known as Athena, meaning the goddess of peace, beauty, wisdom, creativity, education, science, and the arts.

Athena was the Greek goddess of war, wisdom, the arts, industry, justice, and skill, Athena is the patron of craftsmen and the protector of cities. Her symbols include, the olive tree, and the animal symbols, the coco, snake, and owl, She was the favorite child of Zeus. Athena was? T born like a normal child, she burst fully grown from Zeus? S forehead Zeus? S first wife, Meets, goddess of wisdom. In Zeus? 5 fear that Meets would bear a son greater than himself, Zeus swallowed her and she began to make a robe and helmet for her daughter.

All he hammering of the helmet caused Zeus many painful headaches and he cried out in agony. The skilled Hyphenates ran to his father and split his skull open. Prom it, Athena emerged, fully grown and wearing her mother? S robe and helmet. She is the virgin mother of Architectonics. Athena and her uncle, Poseidon, both found a city in Greece that they loved. Both Of them wanted to claim the city and it was decided that whoever could give the citizens the greatest gift should have So, leading some of the citizens, the tuft gods got on an Acropolis.

Poseidon mightily struck the side of the cliff with his own trident and a spring welled up at that very spot. The people stood in awe as the water flowed. Taut the water was salty like the Poseidon? S sea and it was? T very useful, Athena gave the gift of an olive tree, Her gift was considered better because it gave the citizens food, oil, and wood. She named her new city Athens. Athena was a Greek goddess that the Greek people looked to for help and advice and power in their everyday lives.

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