Greater Athletic Training Yeilds Lower Pulse Rate After Stre


This experiment was performed to investigate the hypothesis: greater athletic training yields a lower pulse rate after strenuous activity.
After performing Experiments 15.1 and 15.2 (Dickey 1995), our team decided to measure the increase in heart rate from resting to active between members of the same sex but with different athletic training experience. Our team was interested in investigated whether athletic training has an effect on pulse rate after strenuous activity. Athletic ability is subjective, therefore after evaluation, our team decided upon one common variable that could be measured in this type of experiment. The three subjects were asked to provide an average of miles ran during one week of cardiovascular training.
To measure pulse rate, we used the standard method of holding the index and middle fingers to the carotid artery in the neck for 15 seconds. Multiplying this number by 4 gives the pulse rate per minute.
Our prediction was that the higher the athletic training, the lower the resting pulse rate and pulse rate after strenuous activity.
Materials and Methods:
Before beginning the physical aspect of out experiment, we took the resting pulse rates of all three subjects as a basis for comparison after the subjects performed the cardiovascular exercise. The subjects were then asked the level of cardiovascular training in miles per week on average. Subject 1 reported having less than 1 mile of cardio training per week, while subject 2 reported 3 miles of cardio training per week, and followed by subject 3 having over 15 miles of cardio training per week.
After recording all three subjects' resting pulse rates, our team moved the subjects to a stairwell, where they preceded to walk the stairs at a moderate speed. The subjects walked the stairs for 4 minutes. At the end of 4 minutes, the subjects were asked to …

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