Great Barrier Reef

What's Wrong with the Great Barrier Reef?
We all know that we have problems with our environment due to such things as pollution, the depletion of the o-zone layer and global warming.All of these things also affect reefs and reefs are just as important to the environment as any rain forest.We should worry about protecting them just as much as we worry about the ice caps melting.There are thousands of different species of plant and animal that live on and around reefs especially the Great Barrier Reef.We need to do all that we can to protect every living organism that makes the Great Barrier Reef its home.The largest problem that the GBR faces is called coral bleaching, which happens when corals loose their symbiotic algae or their photosynthetic pigment concentrations and is caused by global warming.Another major problem facing the GBR is bottom trawling. Bottom trawling is a method used to catch certain types of fish, which live on the sea floor but can be very destructive to corals, which also inhabit the sea floor.The endangerment and animals on the reef is also a big problem that the GBR must face.Many different species of turtle are endangered along with many other animals that live there.There are many different reasons so save the GBR and keep it as healthy as possible for future generations to see and enjoy also and after reading this paper you will know why it should be protected and how you can do your part to help.
The problem of coral bleaching starts with global warming.It raises temperatures all over the world, which in turn hurts our coral reefs and the GBR in particular.This year was the worst year to date for coral bleaching.Coral bleaching was a problem along much of the GBR Marine Park during January and February of this year.This problem has already resulted in many coral deaths in other areas of the world, as well.Since the problem was so bad this year Australia has been forced…

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