Gravity Lab

The purpose of this lab was to find that gravity of Earth is indeed 9.8 m/s/s (the
The theory, according to Galileo, is that two objects have the same acceleration
if dropped from the same height will land at the same time at the speed of 9.8 m/s/s as
long as there is no air resistance.To have an understanding Galileo's theory of
acceleration, certain terms and equations must be known.Acceleration is defined as
the change in velocity divided by the time interval which the change of velocity was
measured.Velocity is defined as the change of position (distance) divided by the time
interval that the position was measured by.
The most basic formula used in this lab, and in most of physics, is the formula
for velocity.this formula is defined as: velocity = change in distance divided by the
change in time ( v = d/t ).The basic metric units for this equation will be m/s.
Another formula used is the formula used to find acceleration.this equation is as
follows: acceleration = change of velocity divided by the change in time ( a = v/t ).
The basic metric unit used with this equation are m/s/s.
Gravity's most common law for gravity is known as the constant acceleration
of force on any objects, no matter what the size or shape, only if there is no wind
Thefirst step in this lab is to take the ticker timer, the ticker tape, and the
object being tested and put these objects nearby.When cutting the ticker tape, make
sure to cut a long enough piece so that it will touch the ground when at the height it
will be dropped at.Put the ticker tape into the timer, making sure there is carbon
paper on the timer to make the marks. Then tape the object to the ticker tape and make
sure it is secured.Once these steps have been completed, drop the object.(Note:
There should be two objects in this lab; a heavy and a heavier.On lab partner should
drop one and the other lab partner…

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