Hypothesis-When a constant force is put upon an object the object will then have a constant velocity in movement.

Background-In order to conduct these experiments knowledge of gravity and resistance towards gravity had to acquired. Also graph matching with the computer program Logger Pro had to be used to give accurate graphs.

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Experiments-To conduct the various experiments it was required that you have a computer running Logger Pro that is also connected to a Vernier Motion Detector. Also many objects showing a direct relationship with the laws of motion. For example a board is needed to be used as an incline with a dynamics cart to show that gravity has a constant force on the cart causing constant acceleration. This is shown very well when the cart is rolling down the incline and can be measured precisely when using a motion detector. However the force might not be perfectly constant because of too much friction caused by bumps in the board and bad bearings for the wheels on the dynamics cart.

Comparison-When comparing the predicted distance vs. time graph against the actual graph for the pendulum experiment the percentage of error was .018. For the velocity vs. time graph the percentage of error was .038 these results were shown by using the comparison of both graphs by using an algebraic curve.

Conclusion-The experiments all can clearly show how motion and its laws affect everything around us. Also these experiments bring more truth and support my hypothesis stating constant force makes constant movement….

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