Grass is one of the most important things in life.Without grass there would rarely be a world fit to live in for many insects and worms.Grass is a crucial part of the lives of many insects.Without good, healthy grass, many insects die or try to move to more healthy grass.Europeans advances to conquer and take over the Native Americans, Africans, and the land that they lived on.
These different worlds came together finally after living all of those years in peace, not aware of each other.As a result of the communication barrier, they fought because everyone felt threatened.
When the Europeansfirst came to America and ran into the Native Americans the Natives felt threatened.They could not communicate with the Europeans and had never seen anyone whom did not look like themselves.Therefore they attempted to defend themselves and fight the Europeans off.However, the Europeans were way to advanced with their weaponry that they just ended up killing off most of the Native Americans.They also ended up taking the land, which originally belonged to the Natives, for themselves.When these two worlds collided, they fought and one unique group of people was virtually wiped off of the face of the world.
When the Europeansfirst went to Africa they were greeted by a completely different people who again looked different and were not understandable.Frustration on both sides existed again.However, this time the Europeans felt that they could use these people and make money having the Africans work for them.This is exactly just what they did.They were able to make so much money off of the work of Africans who were made slaves by the Europeans.
The title "When Worlds Collide" would be a good title for a chapter talking about the encounter of the Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans.Using the word "worlds" makes a clear point as to how different each group of people were.It wa…

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