Graphical User Interface

There are key questions to ask during the user analysis phase.If you don't know the answers to these questions, don't assume that your design and development team or your marketing or sales group know the answers.Gathering and analyzing activities can be broken down into these five steps:
User task analyses determine what users want to do and how they accomplish their tasks.Whatever formal and informal task analysis techniques you use should answer these what and how questions:
-What steps are takes to perform tasks?
-What information is needed to complete tasks?
-What tools (computer and otherwise) are used to complete tasks?
-What output is generated from user tasks?
-How do users do their work (manual, computers, telephone, etc.)?
-How do users interact with others in their tasks?
-How do tasks flow in the business processes?
-How would a computer or other computer software help users with tasks?
User requirements gathering and analysis answer the question, "what do your users expect the product and interface to do for them?In addition to determining the functional requirements for a software product, user requirements should help determine the appropriate user interface design and what the interface should look and feel like.Here are key questions to ask:
-What core technologies do users require?
-How much are users and managers willing to pay for a product?
-Who supports the products once they are installed?
Matching requirements to user tasks is a reality check.Sometimes user requirements may not be realistic for the tasks they are trying to perform.In that case, you must manage users' perceptions and requirements so they won't expect more than what they will get.

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