Grand Canyon

In this paper part one will discuss the Geologic processes that have formed and shaped the landscape of the Grand Canyon.It will discus how the canyon was formed, the age of the canyon, and its present development.It will also, in part two, include the impact that Thomas Moran had on the developing of The Yellowstone National Park by the wonderful paintings and sketches that he drew. Without him the Park may not have been approved.It will also discuss the love that he grew for the colors and the landscape.
No one really knows the geological process that formed the Grand Canyon.Geologists feel that a number of processes may have formed the Canyon.Geologists think that the major factors that formed the Grand Canyon are water and wind.
Manny people don't understand how water can have such an impact considering the Grand Canyon is located in a desert.The soil in the Grand Canyon is baked by the sun.It becomes very hard and cannot absorb water.When it rains the water tends to come down in torrents.The plants that grow in the canyon have very shallow root systems so they can grab as much water as possible on the rare occasions when it does rain.When you have plants that have very shallow roots, they are very easy to be washed away when it rains.Now you have lots of water and no place for it to go, but down to the
Colorado River.With out plants with deep roots there is nothing holding the soil and rocks in place.The force of flash floods can move unbelievable amounts of soil and rock.
There are many cracks due to seismic activity, or by constant soaking and drying of the rocks in the canyon.Water settles in the cracks, and in the winter months it begins to freeze.When water freezes it starts to expand and push the rocks apart and widens the cracks.Sometimes a rock will fall and create a rock slide.A rock slide will move a great amount of earth and speed up the time it takes to create …

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