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The National Wildlife Federation is a conservation group that is spread throughout the United States.They range from good old Alaska, to Vermont, to Texas, and a lot of other states.They were founded in 1936, by J.N. Darling.Their main focus is education.They believe that books and hands-on nature programs will provide the information to children and adults that they need to be aware of certain situations.They also hope that it will inspire the people to love and protect nature.
Here in Alaska the NWF wants to protect several different things.One of them is the Arctic Refuge.They think that it is not an appropriate spot to drill for oil.They claim that ANWR is too wild to waste.They also say that anyone who loves America's wildlife would speak-out and try to protect it.Another thing that they want to protect is the wetlands.One of the specific wetlands they want to protect is The Copper River Delta.It is actually a wetlands complex and covers 700,000 acres.This area is vulnerable to logging and mining.
The NWF is the nations largest member-supported conservation group. Mark Van Putten is the current president of this organization.To inform people of their ideas they pass out flyer, have commercials, and pass out petitions.The NWF also has seminars, inviting people to join in their cause.NWF's main goal is to raise awareness and to get people of all ages to help fight to conserve wildlife.
Greenpeace was started in 1971 be a small but determined group of activists.They boarded an 80-foot boat that was headed for the ocean.They were to witness the weapons testing planned for Amchitka Island.That's when they started Greenpeace, which is now the largest environmental movement in the world.They are also the leading independent campaigning organization that uses a non-violent approach to inform people about the environmental pro

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