Government of the people, for the people, and by the people

Government of the people, for the people, and by the people
Commentary on'Donald will find little sympathy in capital' SCMP 9/2/2004
Even though the principle of'One Country, Two Systems' seems to have run well throughout these 6 years in Hong Kong, conflicts still exist when it comes to questions as fundamental as the political structure of the HKSAR. Ever since the July-1 Demonstration last year which over half a million of Hong Kong people took part in, the public and pro-democracy political parties have been voicing their desires of political reforms. What Beijing is putting on our way to the ultimate goal of'one man, one vote' for the election of the Chief Executive, ironical enough, is Basic Law – the Constitutional legal document that has stated clearly that the limited degree of democracy in the current political system would one day be broadened to full democracy.
It is true that democracy seldom works out in Chinese societies. Taiwan is probably the only Chinese region in the world that practices full democracy, despite numerous flaws in the system that often make the headlines. Singapore is one of the freest economies around the globe, but has one of the strictest governments that even cares about how her people get dates. China is the least probable to practice democracy, or even any kind of system close to that, because of the Communist Party which is autocratic in nature and the generally low education level of the people. Corruption is another issue in the Mainland. Though the government claims the situation has improved significantly, once for a while we still hear news of high government officials being bribed and cases involving millions of dollars. As for Macau, the other SAR just an hour of ferry away from the HKSAR, her people don't seem to be very enthusiastic in introducing the idea of full democracy into their regime. That explains why her government doesn't…

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