Gourds and Their Uses

Gourds have been useful to civilization for years.The gourd, a family member of squash,
cucumbers and pumpkins, have been used for centuries even including B.C..Natives
found the gourd most useful for ritual, and everyday uses.There are many different kinds
of gourds that have been used for different purposes, and many different places where wild
gourds can be found.Just the color of a gourd can determine the power it has in a
religious purpose, and the shape also can determine what purposes the gourd will serve.
A gourd, also called a Cucurbitaceae because of its family, is most popular for the
use of everyday uses.For example, gourds have been used for storage, canteens, utensils,
and even ornaments.When the gourd is painted, waxed, and carved it is known as the
sacred or sprit keeper, according to ancient beliefs.In the past when gourds wherefirst
founded in the wild, the Woodlands Indian Nations used gourds for daily routines.Later
into the years, the early settlers discovered the true value of gourds such as using them for
Used as floats by the Africans, gourds have helped people from traveling to
surviving.When used as utensils, the gourd would be cut precisely with a arrangement of
sharp tips at the end to stab the item they were trying to kill or eat.The tips were usually
jagged, because the supplies these people had to cut the gourd were insufficient.The
thinner the gourd, the easier the shell is to break while carving.On the other hand, the
thicker the gourd, the harder it is to carve, which also causes breaking.
Gourds have also been used for spiritual reasons.The common name for these
gourds are called Spirit Herd Gourds, and are carved and painted with the symbols of
sacred horses.Inspired by the Cherokee heritage, these gourds represent their guardians
and ancient spirits.When black horses are painted on the gourd, this represents the
unseen.Gold and si…

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