Gorillas in the Mist

For my book report, I read the book "Gorillas In The Mist" by Dr. Dian Fossey.Dr Diane Fossey began what was to become one of the longest field studies of the Gorilla gorilla beringei or the mountain gorillas.This book tells the story of Dian's life studying the gorillas of the African rain forest.Dian combines adventure with valuable scientific knowledge to make a truly wonderful and interesting book.The main purpose of this book was to inform people about the mountain gorillas and of all of the problems the mountain gorillas face today.
Diane Fossey's interest in the mountain gorillas began when she was young.Dianefirst began studying the gorillas of the African Rain Forest at the Parc des Virungas in Zaire, but she soon had to move her study site to the Parc des Volcans in Rwanda.It was there where she set up the Karisoke Research Center.Diane began her studies of the mountain gorillas there in 1967.The mountain gorillas are endangered and are becoming closer and closer to extinction every day.Dr Fossey wanted to find a way to help these gorillas.She created a study of how all of the gorillas lived so that she could better understand them and what might be done so that the population downfall could recover.Diane found that poaching, bad land management, and captivity were the main problems the gorillas were facing.
Diane found that like humans, the mountain gorillas are truly social animals.They rely heavily on social interactions.The mountain gorillas live in very social family groups.Each member of the family has a certain role.If something bad happens to one family member, it can put a lot of stress on the other members of the family and can have devastating results.When Diane observed this, she did everything she could in order to keep the families together.Poaching was one of the main causes for death in the gori

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