Gonzalo & Prospero

Gonzalez Gonzalez is an optimistic, good-tempered, loyal Lord. Gonzalez is grateful and optimistic about having survived the shipwreck. He believes the island is a good place to be and that they are all lucky to have survived. He helped Prospers and Miranda to escape after Antonio tried to seize Prosperous title. Gonzalez envisions a plantation built on the island, where no one would work and all people would be equal. This fantasy gives a picture into Gonzales innocence and purity. Gonzalez gives voice to the idea that, despite the (seeming) loss of the ship, the Orvis’s can uncover something even greater.

Even Prospers associates Gonzalez with an agent of fate. Gonzalez, is one of Prosperous few friends, he has a colonizers urge to rule. Taut if he became king of the island, he wouldn’t rule at all. The Tempest is the definition of a “Utopia”. For different characters this “utopia” means different things, Though all of the characters have a different image of “utopia’, Gonzalez and Prospers both think of the island as their “utopia” they have an almost similar image of it. Prospers thinks of it as the place he is king and reigns over and has complete dominion over.

Gonzalez thinks of it as a commonwealth where he crowns himself king also but later he surds up the reasoning of a stateless state. Gonzalez corrects his aspects to a utopia and he allows himself to become the king over the island just long enough to abolish both kingship, power and authority. Prospers only uses part of the guidelines for a utopian society. He doesn’t believe that everyone is equal, he thinks’ he is higher than everyone else Gonzales word shows that even he, gentle Gonzalez, has the desire to rule and to acquire power.

Gonzalez idealized utopia suggests; a land where everyone is equal and happy. The kings courtiers do not recognize an authority on the island; to them it is a free land. Instead Of trying to unite, they fracture: While the court sleeps, Antonio and Sebastian plot to kill their king so that Sebastian can take over the throne. Gonzales commonwealth would be torn apart by those like Sebastian and Antonio; people who care more about their own power and prestige than what are best for the people.

The utopianism shown in The Tempest through Gonzalez and Prospers did not succeed in the end. Prospers changed and gave up his evil powers not because that’s what a utopian society would do but through the virtues he learned when he was in the “real world”. There is a chance that Gonzales utopia still has a chance to exist, but it can only work if all rebellion is gone and everyone forgives ACH other and agrees to live together in love and peace, a world of pure perfection and peace: utopia.

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