GM Crops

Imagine growing the most powerful crop in the world to benefit mankind!You are probably wondering, how can this be possible?This method is called GM crops or named genetically modified crops.Few general questions are asked about this new biotechnology.First question is, "what is this" or "what is this method?"Second, question may be, "is product beneficial or desirable?"Thirdly, are there any risks involved in this new biotechnology?These three questions will be discussed in this paper.
Thefirst thing might be some general history and background of GM crops.It wasfirst introduced in 1996 for commercial production.Today, these crops are planted on more than 109 million acres worldwide (Pew initiative on food and biotechnology. 2002).The largest producers of GM crops are in the United States, while Canada came in close second.The United States has two thirds of GM crops (p. 2).In 1999, it had grown to 350 million acres worldwide.This rapid increase grew concerns in Europe over the health and environmental impacts.With all this in mind, businesses had to change labeling, planting, marketing, and other things to sell and inform the consumers (Peterson, G. & Cunningham, S. 2000).The risks and concerns are going to be more informative later in the paper.This new biotechnology is here to stay no matter what little risk and concerns that people may have presently.
In addition, "what are the GM crops?"The scientists will select desired gene or genes from donor organisms and inject these traits into recipient organisms without the long process of cross-pollination trails that emerge with the same result (English Nature. 2000).The genetically modified organisms are the biological characteristics, through means other than conventional breeding programs or natural selection (p.2).These advances in biotechnology have allowed scientist to accomplish genetic alter…

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