Gluclose effects on osmosis

Studying the Effect of Various Glucose Concentrations on Osmosis in a Potato
Osmosis is the process in which water particles move from an area of high water concentration to an area of low water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane until the concentrations are equal.
Osmosis has the same basic theory as diffusion. Particles are moving from an area where they are in great concentration to an area where they are in low concentration until the concentrations are the same. Osmosis is this movement of water particles and the particles must move through a semi or partially permeable membrane (a membrane that lets some things through but not others). An example of this type of membrane is a cell wall, like in a potato. Osmosis occurs when two things occur. One is if the cell has no water in it or has less water then the solution it is placed in. If this is the case then water will go from the solution, for it is the area of high water concentration, into the cell, for this is the area of low water concentration. If the cell has no water within it the cell is flaccid. As the water passes through the cell membrane, the cell fills with water and becomes turgid. Once the cell becomes turgid, no more water can enter the cell and osmosis stops.
The other incident that can happen for osmosis to occur, is when the concentration of sugars or other minerals in the cell is different then that of the solution it is placed in. This is because the amount of sugar in the water either in the cell or in the solution is going to change the water concentrations as well. Whichever solution, either in the cell or not, contains a higher sugar concentration will have a lower water concentration. If the solution in the cell contains more sugar, salt or other minerals then the solution it is placed in, then it will have a lower water concentration. This will cause water from the external solution to pass through the cell's semi-permeable

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