Globization is bad

Globalization; for better or for worse.
Capitalism is a way of life based on the ability to exploit the lower classes and rule by force.Exploiting others is nothing new for man as class inequalities can be dated back to recorded human history.Capitalismfirst took off on a global level in the fifteenth century, during the mercantilist period of European history.The mercantilists enforced uneven trade relations and manipulated foreign countries like Africa and India into adopting, and spreading the capitalist system.The major problem with this system that governs our lives today is that the further capitalism evolves, the further the gap between the rich and poor becomes."The three richest people in the world have assets that exceed the combined gross domestic product of the 48 least developed countries." (C. Petroni, 1998)
Due to the fact that the eight most flourishing countries economically have united in pushing the system of globalization; much like the mercantilists did, called the G8 organisation, shows that reform is upon us.To no surprise, five of these countries are European, as they still have the power that was established five hundred years ago. Because European elites are those that were responsible for creating capitalism, protests follow the G8 conferences as some people firmly believe this is the next step towards the highest stage of capitalism, and its self destruction."Mass production also intensifies the alienation of labour because it encourages specialisation and it makes people view the workers not as individuals but as machines to do work.It is this attitude that incites the uprisings of the lower classes against the higher classes, namely, the nobility." (G. Johnson, 1999)
Of course globalization would do some good, depending on your situation. The impact of globalisation has improved global communication throughout the world, with inventions like the internet, and

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