Globalization Trade & Protest

When discussing world trade and globalization there are two sides, there are those who support the protest against world trade and globalization and there are those who criticize the protest against world trade and globalization.Both sides have great agreements why or why not to support this movement.The fact of the matter is that globalization is here today and it is not something that we can undo.Those who oppose globalization are amongst the poorer countries of the world.They have the tendency to say that we steal all their resources and exploit their people.Is this really the case?One can take just about any situation in the world and find some instance or instances where people abuse certain privileges.It is going to be globalization that brings this world together and those who aren’t involved are going to be left behind.Globalization is a way to help these poorer countries become more sophisticated and speed up technology so they to can experience the benefits and profits of globalization.The countries that aren’t involved in the globalization process seems to be less educated and do not really understand the potential of this process.There is more of benefit for countries that are involved and open minded.I criticize the protest against world trade and globalization.There are groups out there who are involved in globalization that want to help these less fortunate countries.One specific group is the Group of 7.
The Group of 7 is composed of seven different countries who are the wealthier countries of the world they are: U.S., Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, and Italy.
This organization consists of countries that help others despite the way they are treated.For being thieves of natural resources and inhibitors of unfair labor situations these countries have came up with several positions to help the less fortunate countries despite their views of global

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