Globalization means the Destruction of World Nations

Globalization is a topic that when it is spoken about can cause some very heated conversations as to its effects. Some believe that globalization is the best way for countries to survive on world markets. Yet still many would say by pushing towards globalization we would be hindering the autonomy of small countries that would be overpowered and controlled. The pros and cons to globalization; many of which are problems we cannot control and/or change. Globalization is responsible for the slow destruction of our world on 3 major levels: First, the economy; Rich nations are showing little sympathy to developing economies by failing to adhere to the WTO Doha Development Agenda that will bring down trade barriers. Secondly, the environment; G8 nations (See Appendix A) are not making a very strong effort to meet with the stipulations of the Kyoto Protocol (See Appendix A) pact made in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan. Lastly, the autonomy of the people of developing countries; they are being left behind in terms of economics and the world market in light of that this should be reason for the UN (See Appendix A) to interfere and offer aid to ensure the safety of humanity everywhere.
The economic unfairness of the agreements and pacts made by developed countries make it even harder for the economies of developing countries to compete on world markets. It has been argued that rich developed countries (See Appendix B) should try to bring down their trade barriers to ensure economic fairness towards developing countries' economies. The economies of developing countries (See Appendix B) suffer high tariffs placed by developed countries. Rich developed countries also try to economically dominate entire developing countries through multi-national corporations from developed countries. These developing countries work very hard to try to make a name for their country and to be able to compete on the world market. Reference source from World Bank (See Appe…

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