I’m focusing my essay on one of the most criticism issues of globalization, about who is really gaining from global integration, or in other words, who is benefiting from globalization. It is not a question that has a right answer of course, if not, it is a controversy, since there are opinions in both sides, and I just want to mention them so that we all get a better understanding of it. I have research information in statistics about some developing countries from the World Bank, IMF,… web pages,and then contrasted with some articles I have found also in web pages and an article in the magazine ”Times” from a week after the September eleventh.The reason I write about this is because criticisms are important, since they inform public opinion and the decisions of policy-makers around the world.

First of all, it would be good to define ”globalization”, since I have found different meanings of it, and the one I want to refer to is the one of economic integration around the world, so that we can analyze the return that globalization has in different countries and inside a one society in itself, the discrepancies there are.
Coming back to the question of who is gaining from globalization, there are the two sides, the one who would agree that rich are getting richer (such as small business) and the ones who would disagree, and say that globalization is benefiting the poor (such as IMF or World Bank).
The ones who think that poor are gaining from globalization, would say that in the past 20 years the growth rate has been higher in developing countries than the rich ones. And that many of the poor countries that are opening themselves to more trade and foreign investment (globalization) are better off, such as China, Vietnam, Uganda or India. These large poor countries have grown rapidly in the past 15 years due to their opening to foreign trade and investments, but there are a lot of small poor countries which have done pret…

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