Global Warming

As the world continues to revolutionize and grow as a scape of imagination, and possibility, it's faced with many environmental issues such as natural disasters, pollution, endangered species, and vehicle emissions to name a few, and other gradual issues such as mass extinction and a major future focus known as global warming.Many forms of evidence exist to provide society with facts that global warming is in fact occurring, therefore exists upon the surface of the earth, and will gradually become more extreme as the world progresses.Evidence such as more violent weather patterns, more extreme cases of natural disasters, rise in temperature, rise in sea level, and the effects of species in the environment are several of the major cases that are, and may be occurring, becoming more extreme in the result of global warming (NRDC, 3).History provides the best evidence for the effect of climate change on humans, plants and animals, but few researchers have yet to challenge its relevance.This essay was constructed to provide an in-depth analysis of global warming, and the future of our environment.After major exploration and much acknowledgment to others research this essay captures proof that global warming is a serious threat to the earth. (IP, 17)
Global warming is the sustained increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere.Human activity contributes to this change through the buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, and is a vital role in global warming's existence (Rolfe, 311).The affect that global warming will take for say is that of the earth's climate, which will ultimately lead to the
principle issue of agriculture, forestry, and fishing, and many obvious concerns between climate, and world efficiency.Over the last hundred years the average temperature at the earth's surface has gone up by 0.5 degrees centigrade or approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit (Green Facts, 11)….

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