Global Warming

Humankind is conducting an ongoing experiment to see what will happen to our health and to the well being of the planet when changes in the earth’s climate are made.This experiment is called global warming.Global warming is allegedly changing the world, as we know it.The concern of global warming is the increasing temperature of the earth’s climate, which is expected to warm even further because of human activities that include the burning of fossil fuels to run cars and trucks, heat homes and businesses, and power factories.These significantly change the atmosphere’s amount of greenhouse gases.Advocates of global warming and its heating effects expect dire consequences; although, opponents of global warming beg to differ and challenge these claims.Evidence shows that the earth’s climate has been warming, but it is far from certain that the temperature will rise.Despite this, the U.N. body that has been studying the possibility of global warming has forecast that, by the end of this century, the world’s climate will be about 1.6 – 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than today and that precipitation worldwide will increase by about 7 percent with significant regional variation.The same U.N. body predicts that most of the warming will take place during the night hours of the day and during the winter season.Temperatures are expected to increase the most towards the poles.After analyzing temperature records, summertime highs have actually risen in this century while winter lows have risen.
Humans have triggered a steady increase in the concentration of some greenhouse gases since the beginning of the industrial revolution.Greenhouse gases have a heat-trapping property that is undeniable.Greenhouse gases consist of natural gases that occur in the atmosphere, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone, and gases that are the byproduct of human action.These include chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)…

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