Global Warming

There is a serious problem in every community today that many people do not pay much attention to or do not even realize it is much of a problem.In my opinion it is just as serious as any war or issue on drugs and violence.I say this because if we do not act now our future generations will suffer greatly from the growing problem of Global Warming.About ten to twenty years ago the whole theory of global warming was just that a theory.But today there is overwhelming proof that this is nothing to take lightly.We are all guilty of contributing to the effects of Global Warming; in the United States alone each person emits 6.6 tons of green house gases every year.After reading this paper you will say to yourself, "What can I do to help this problem", well there are several things you can do to fight global warming.Even though global warming affects the entire world population the only way to fight the dilemma is for every town or city to work together to solve this problem and it is every communities responsibility to deal with this serious crisis that we have brought upon ourselves.For example, each time a homeowner replaces a 75-watt incandescent bulb with an 18-watt florescent bulb, 400 pounds of coal are saved annually (Newton 23).Or even if every household would plant
a tree annually, this could greatly help our ecosystem.Every time a consumer buys an energy-efficient appliance; ads insulation to a house; recycles paper, metal, and glass;
chooses to live near work; or commutes by public transportation, he or she is fighting global warming.
What is Global Warming? The depletion of the ozone layer and global warming are a result of the heat trapping abilities of "greenhouse gases", which is pretty much the same concept of a greenhouse you would have plants growing in at your local nursery.The glass panels of a greenhouse and the earth's atmosphere are both transparent to sunlight,…

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