Global Warming

There are many problems concerning the environment. Pollution, destruction of the rainforests, and the consumption of all of our planet’s natural resources are just a few. None of these issues quite compare to the problem of global warming. Global warming is a problem that affects not just some people, but everything and everyone. People must take action to stop global warming and must realize the severity of this problem before it is too late. The future depends on what we do now to slow the process of global warming.
What exactly is global warming? Global warming is a problem that emerged as a major issue in the late 1980’s. Global warming can be defined simply as a rise in the average land temperature around the earth (Hynes 181). Currently, the average temperature of the earth is roughly 57 degrees Fahrenheit (Schneider 16). This temperature could be the result of several different factors. Some of the factors that cause the earth’s temperature to rise are natural, but humans have caused many others.
Surrounding the issue of global warming is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect plays an important role in the issue of global warming, but it is not the reason behind why global warming is occurring. The earth produces greenhouse gasses naturally, and without this gas, humans along with many other forms of life, would not be able to survive. The reason for this is that earth would be much too cold for many life forms to exist if it did not have some form of gas to heat up the environment. Without the greenhouse effect the earth would be 40-60 degrees cooler than its current temperature (Hynes 176). The problem though, is that the earth is producing an abundance of this gas, and we are going to become much too warm (Schneider 13). Life cannot survive in a certain amount of warmth as well, so a middle ground must be sustained.
Although some scientists dispute that humans are in any way responsible for the rise in the am…

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