Global Warming

Did you know that the earth's climate is gradually changing due to human beings?
We take full responsibility to this accusation due to our day to day activities.These
activities alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere through the buildup of
greenhouse gases.These such gases primarily include carbon dioxide, methane, and
nitrous oxide. Our dependency on fossil fuels for energy plays a hugerole on our
planet's fate.The coasts of all countries could become immersed underwater if the
polar icecaps were to melt, due to the greenhouse effect….. largely, due to us.
So what will we, as habitants of this planet, do to prevent this catastrophe?
In 1992, a few nations came togetherto sign the Untied Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change, otherwise known as the UNFCCC. These
industrialized nations agreed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by the year
2000. However, such leading nations like the United States and Japan simply could
On December 11, 1997, negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC
were completed. It committed the industrialized nations to specified reductions on
the emission of six greenhouse gases. The United States had to reduce our
greenhouse gases by 7% below the 1990 levels between the years 2008-2012. The
US, only counting for 2 1/2% of the world's population, has made useof 25% of
While this agreement not only lowered the developed nation's emission of
greenhouse gases, plus hurting these nation's economies, the deal basically left the
"developing' nations completely out of it.True, these nations did not have the
technologyand other luxuries that developed nations possessed; but sooner or later
these developing nations will become'developed', thus contributing to the global
warming problem.And here we go all over again.

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