Global Warming

In the past many assumptions have been made concerning global
warming.It is still questionable of whether this a theory or fact.Global
warming is an increasing of the average temperature on the Earth.Global warming wasfirst detected in the 1980's. Some scientists believe that the cause is the greenhouse effect, the process of trapping heat within the Earth's atmosphere because of the presence of large amounts of gases.These gases, primarily carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor are responsible for maintaining global temperature suitable for life.Growth in industry, agriculture, and transportation since the Industrial Revolution, however, has produced gases that have increased the Earth's thermal blanket.As the gases increase, more heat is trapped within the Earth's atmosphere, and the worldwide temperature goes up.Since 1896 it
has been known that these gases help stop the sun's infrared radiation from
escaping into space and function to maintain the Earth's relatively warm
temperature.Although this may not seem like a great difference, global
temperature was only 2.2 degrees Celsius cooler during the last ice age than
it is presently.The measurably increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere in the last century is questioned whether this will lead to
evaluated global temperatures, which could lead to coastal flooding and
major climatic changes and have serious implications for agricultural
productivity.The consequences of such an increase in temperature may well
be harmful.Sea levels will rise, completely flooding a number of low-lying
island nations and flooding many coastal cities such as New York and Miami.
Many plant and animal species will probably be driven into extinction,
agricultural regions will be disturbed, and the frequency of severe hurricanes
and droughts are likely to increase.

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