Global Warming

Environmentalists feel that global warming is the direst environmental problem currently facing the world. They feel that a possible solution to global warming is to reduce energy consumption and to use alternative energy.
The Environmental News Network states that some of the signs that global warming is occurring are the thawing of tropical ice caps, increased shrubbery in arctic regions of the world, and a decrease in the amount of sunlight that the Earth reflects. Some of the environmental impacts of global warming are stormy weather, a decline in the number of amphibians around the globe, the emergence of diseases in marine life, and rising waters in oceans and seas across the world. Some of the methods of preventions include the labeling of products that cause global warming, increasing the number of species of plants in an ecosystem, reducing the emission of methane into the atmosphere, and turning off car engines when vehicles are sitting idle.
Although environmentalists and environmental groups feel that global warming is a severe problem, many industrialists and industrial groups, such as the Cooler Heads Coalition, feel that it is not a serious issue. For example, this organization feels that reducing the emissions of gasses would cause great economic damage. Because of this and the fact that many facts about global warming are still seen to be doubtful, many countries have not reduced their emissions. In fact, Accu-Weather states that global warming is not even occurring because the average temperatures have only increased less than half of a Celsius degree over the past one hundred years. In fact, satellite information has shown researchers that the climate has actually cooled slightly in the past eighteen years. Additionally, scientists that work on long-term weather predictions are uncertain of the accuracy of the weather predicting models. Therefore, it seems that no one really knows what the global climate will …

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