glacier national park

Picture this:You are camped out about 7:00 or so in avalley by a large lake. A mirrored image of the snow peaked mountains lay still in the ice coldwater.The cool glacier air opens up your lungs as you inhale the moist air.The sun starts to set around 9:00 an a feeling of aloneness, and uncertainty surrounds you.The sound of silence soon gives way to coyotes, owls, and other animals in the area that start to haunt you.Although it is night time the sky is still present, and The ceiling of the park is enormous and remind us of how small we really are.
Glacier National Park is located in the northwest corner on Montana.The park consists of over 1600 miles of natural beauty, 1600 miles can get you to Florida back.The Park contains over 250 lakes, over 50 glaciers, over 1100 native wildlife flowers, and is home to over 50 different species of animals.Glacier National Park is incredible because of its natural beauty, itsisolation from the world, and its uniqueness.
1.) Upon entering the park, perhaps thefirst thing noticed is the sky. When you look up and see the sky the thing you notice most is the size. You will see the whole sky, in comparison to around here where you see only parts of the sky. The different colors in the sky provide you with constant scenery. The area is appropriately nickname”BIG SKY COUNTRY.”If you choose to drive through the park, you will drive on the appropriately name “GOING TO THE SUN ROAD.” This is a 50 mile winding road that provides you various scenery such as Sperry glacier, the 2nd largest glacier in the park.This road is considered one of the worlds great scenic drives. It crosses the continental divide, at Logan pass, the roads most impressive point. Along this road there are several overlooks that let you see the parks picturesque beauty.
According to Robert Scharff, a researcher on National Par

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