Ginkogo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is versatile herb that can be used to treat many conditions. Ginkgo Biloba shows to be very promising to people with Alzheimer's disease. The disease that affects the brain by the degeneration of nerve endings.
Numerous studies have shown benefits of using ginkgo biloba extract to improve the mental sharpness of geriatric patients. For example, W.V. Weitbrecht and W. Jansen, of Nuremberg, Germany, conducted a double-blind study involving 40 patients, ages 60 to 80, who had been diagnosed with primary degenerative dementia(Weitbrecht 91). During the 3-month study, one group of 20 received either Ginkgo biloba extract(120 mg/day), while the other 20 was given a placebo(Weitbrech 91).
The researchers reported that those receiving the ginkgo extract were more alert, scored higher on psychometric tests and had a more positive outlook than the controls(Weitbrech 92). The ginkgo biloba extract group experienced a "significant improvement", compared with no gain for the placebo group.
At the Whittington Hospital in London, researchers examined the benefits of ginkgo biloba extract on the 31 patients over the age of 50 with signs of memory impairment, reported Donald J. Brown, N.D., in the May 1992 issue of Let's Live(Brown 62).
In the double-blind study, half the volunteers were given 40 milligrams of ginkgo biloba extract three times daily, while the other half remained on a placebo(Brown 62). Psychometric tests were evaluated at the beginning of the study and after 12 and 24 weeks of treatments(Brown 62).
The results were encouraging, Dr. Brown said:
The patients who received ginkgo biloba extract showed significantly
superior improvement compared to those given a placebo. Besides demonstrating that the ginkgo extract has a beneficial effect on mild to
moderate memory loss of organic origin, the study revealed that
electroencephalogram measurements in the ginkgo biloba extract

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