Germination on plants

To prove the factors that affect germination
1. Control: This experiment has the 4 factors that are necessary for germination. Its conditions are going to be the appropriate ones and this experiment is going to grow and develop correctly.
2. No Water: The seeds in this experiment are not going to germinate because there is no water to make them swell up and burst.
3. No light: It is possible that germination is not going to be very evident because there are other factors that are missing, but as there is water there may be more germination than the one expected.
4. No Oxygen: These seeds may begin to germinate but end this process soon because they lack oxygen which is important for respiration and energy.
5. Low Temperature: These seeds may grow because although temperature is a variable, it may be replaced for sun heat, allowing for its development.
If you put some seeds in a moist place, you can see what happens when they produce new plants. This process is called germination. There are different stages in this process:first they take up water, this makes it swell and as a result the seed coat bursts open and the young root and shoot grow out. The root grows downwards and the shoot upwards.
There are various conditions for the germination of a seed to take place these are:
1. Water, absorbed from the soil, is used for building up new cytoplasm in the cells, enlarging the vacuoles, therefore expanding the cells, carrying food from the cotyledons to the areas of growth and for photosynthesis when the leaves appear. Water is also the factor that stimulates the gibberellins to start their work. Without water its seeds cannot swell up and burst open, and the embryo cannot grow.
2. A supply of oxygen is needed. This enables seeds to respire so they have plenty of energy for germination.
3. A suitable temperature is required. This varies with different plants. Usually seeds…

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