Being a geophysicist is a very interesting career.It has many of the job qualities that I want.I would only work with a select few and it is outdoors.If I work hard I can become quite wealthy too.
There are many duties included in being a geophysicist.I may have to investigate and measure seismic, gravitational, electrical, thermal, and, magnetic, forces, affecting the earth.For this I may have to use drafting tools, seismic graphs, explosives, or maps, charts, or computers.
Geophysicists often work outdoors, exposed to all of the elements.They often go onto boats or aircrafts.Geophysicists may work as part of a team but may work alone part of the time.They can only work when the correct weather is about.If you become a geophysicist, you may have to travel.There may be heavy lifting involved in this line of work.
The amount of schooling needed is at least a Bachelor's Degree.Math and science would be the main type of classes you need to take.Other classes needed would be careers, communications, computers, and technology.
With being a geophysicist, you will have to work all year round.Due to many agencies, there is a wide job market.Due to a growing demand for oil and gas, agencies are spread all throughout the United States plus all of the foreign countries that are rich in oil and natural gasses so that geophysicists may be employed anywhere in the world.
The starting salary is very good at $25,705 to $44,970.A select few of the top geophysicists make $100,000.I hope that if I succeed at this job, I can retire early and accomplish any of my dreams.
I like many things about this job.Explosives draw me in the most, since I love to find how hard objects are to break.Also I would enjoy the math, science, computers, and salary.There isn't that much that I don't like but those few are working with people and traveling away from my family.
This job is very appealing t…

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