Every community has a means of production and consumption for goods and services. The amount of goods and service in a community or town vary depending on where the town is located and what manufacturing features the particular town has, including the number of people who help to manufacture and sell the services. By surveying towns, such as Ottawa, Ontario and Aylmer, Ontario, one can discover the underlying economic base of these towns. They are two very distinct towns with very different economies, yet are both located in the province of Ontario, Canada.
Ottawa a metropolitan area located in Canada lies near the Ontario and Quebec border. Its early economic staple was a result of the Ottawa River, which allowed for explorers and traders to use it to travel.Shortly after, Ottawa became the fastest growing political city in eastern Canada.However, today Ottawa's economic base has drastically changed. Ottawa, being the capital of Canada has now become a tourist attraction and computer related industry.The federal government is its major employer. 17.9% of the Ottawa labour force works in public administration, which is almost 3 % of Canada's total labour force in public administration. As a result, many commercial and financial associations are located in Ottawa.In addition, Ottawa's information and culture industry, as well as the science and technology industry have a high labour force. Within the province, 12.3 % of Ottawa's labour force is employed in the science and technology industry. Therefore, this industry, along with public administration is considered to be important in benefiting Ottawa's economy. Moreover, Ottawa has a very good education system resulting from the 3 major universities that are situated there. In conclusion, Ottawa is mainly a city where business is its primary staple industry. Its physical geography did not influence its economic industry, but rather people have shaped Ot…

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