Genetics should be used to improve humans. Genetic alterations would be the most important thing to humans. If you genetically alter a retarded person, you could make them normal. It would cost a lot of money to be genetically altered, but the parents would gladly pay any price to see their child as an acceptable member of society.
If you genetically altered a man to be smart when he was an embryo, he could end up inventing a time machine that could change the course of the world. He could end up creating a cure for cancer or AIDS or some other deadly disease. A drawback to that would be that he could take over the world and conquer all with his knowledge.
Gene alterations can have very good results. They can prevent diseases like Down syndrome. They can “redesign” defective organisms, prevent heart problems, and prevent people from being deformed.
Gene alterations can also change a person from being a boy or a girl when they are embryos. They can determine if someone is handsome or ugly, tall or short, heavy or thin, and even shoe size.
These are all of the reasons that I think genetic alterations should be used to improve humans. After reading or skimming through this essay, you should be able to state your own feelings about genetic alterations. Do you think that genetic alterations should be used to improve humans?


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