Today people go to the super market thinking they are getting
good clean healthy products, but instead half of what they are
buying has undergone genetic therapy.You pick up a beautiful
looking red tomato and you think it has probably been on the
vine the longest, but in fact almost all tomatoes found in super
markets are picked when they are green and then injected with
red dye to make them appear healthy.The milk you buy has come
from a cow that has been altered to produce more milk.The
bigger chicken breasts at the store come from a genetically altered
chicken to make more breast meat for consumers.This is what
society has come to, altering animals and natural vegetation for
consumers.When testing with living creatures where do people
give room for genetic fail and mishap.Genetic engineering of
plants and animals should be left to nature to take its tollinstead
of the hands of the irrational scientists.
Genetically engineered agriculture is not beneficial enough
to do good in today's society.I must agree with John Keehn a
freelance writer in New York who quotes "No one really knows
what effect splicing in…other genes into a plant would have" (74).
While many of today's " super foods" are on the shelves at every
grocer, you have to wonder what detrimental side effects lie in
store for the consumers.The universal consumer must start
worrying that biotechnology could indeed intensify the worlds
food state by continuing to leave genetic resources in the hands of
blind sighted corporations.Today gene splicing in agriculture
allows scientists to mutate crops to behave or show certain
characteristics.For example if a certain species of animalis
facing extinction due to lack of vegetation, then scientists are now
able to alter plants to begin to show those traits to provide the
species with a food supply.Now, where does th…

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