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About 90% of the ozone is in stratosphere, a layer between approximately 10 and 50 kilometres above the earths surface. The remaining 10% of the ozone is in troposphere, which extends from the Earth’s surface up to about 10 kilometres.
Ultraviolet radiation is a part of the sun of wavelengths. UV is made up of wavelengths less than 280 Nanometers. UV is highly dangerous to plants and animals,but is absorbed by stratospheric ozone and does not reach the earth’s surface.Ozone absorbs much of the shorter wavelength radiation, but this absorption weakens as larger wavelengths of UV approaches. Plants and animals are particularly affected by the larger wavelength of UV. UV effects to humans are reddening of the skin (erythema), development of skin cancer, cataracts and suppression of the immune system in the long term. Ozone absorbs very little of this part of UV. UV radiation is needed by humans for the synthesis of vitamin-D; however, too much UV causes photo aging, which is the toughening of the skin, and suppression of the immune system, reddening of the skin and cataract formation.
Ozone is a relatively unstable molecules made up of three atoms of oxygen. The process of which to produce ozone is to produce significant amounts of ozone in the stratosphere involving the photolysis of molecular oxygen by ultraviolet radiation followed by recombination of atomic oxygen with molecular oxygen. The three atoms of oxygen are in the form of an isoscales triangle with an angle of 116.87 degree between the two O-O bonds. The distance between the bond oxygen atoms is 1.27 angstrons. Ozone condenses to form a liquid at -111.9 degree Centigrade at one atmosphere pressure to form a soild at -192.7 degree Centigrade.
Stratospheric ozone plays a beneficial role by absorbing most of the biologically damaging ultroviolet rays. Increased UV radiation at the surface could have great negative impacts on human health, fish populations, and many lan…

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