Genetic engineering.Is this a genius procedure or simply a case of impatience and hunger for money? After doing further research on the topic, I've found myself torn between opinions about whether or not genetic engineering is practical. The conclusion that I have personally come to is that a side can't really be taken. There could be many positive results with genetic engineering after more study and as with most things, there could be negative outcomes as well.
With all misconceptions aside, it truly amazes me how brilliant the scientists performing genetic engineering must be. They are very clever to be able to figure out what gene does what when building a new organism. What I didn't realize was that they were actually taking genes from bacteria and putting them into plant genes. Doing so can make plants grow faster and larger than before which means more food for people to eat. It could also result in a large profit. Plants could even be engineered to produce vaccines! A new type of rice has also recently been made. It contains large amounts of vitamin A. If the'possible dangers' were further researched and taken care of, having a crop such as that could help ensure that those who have little to eat are still getting proper nutrition.
The issue that concerns me the most with genetically engineered food is what will happen in the future. I am curious to know if growing all these plants with different genes will have an effect on other plants or animals over time. It is also mind provoking to wonder what effects we could encounter from eating these foods. Will our bodies accept the food? Could we become ill? These factors are what make genetic engineering a risk.There are so many'what ifs?' about the whole concept and no one knows what the out comes could be. Genes can do unexpected and unintended things.
Another downfall is all of the companies looking to make a dime instead of

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