Today we live in a society unlike any before.This world also provides us with a great many more influences than in the past.By simply turning on a television we leave our minds open to infinite forms of influence.Even with cars and planes we can now cover far greater ground and extend our reach beyond simply our families and hometowns.Parents try to bring their children up as righteous model citizens, yet children constantly witness examples which tell them different.Certainly our environment is a major contributor to our behavior.But what explains the irrational actions people make which go against their environment?
All human beings are built up of a genetic code which defines our characteristics.While it defines our physical characteristics, it is also defining to some extent our behavior.This defining of our behavior dictates our tendencies toward certain aspects of life, including the body's ability to express aggressive behavior.With all the attention current events have drawn on the topic of adolescent violence, it is time to answer the question, to what degree will our genes dictate our tendencies toward violent behavior?
While a wide range of social and psychological studies are needed, the bestfirst step toward solving the problem would be to investigate the genetic influences.Genes are passed on to all children through a combination of the genes of their mothers and fathers.Hence the childrens' genetic structure will be very similar to their parents.So if a genetic component toward crime exists in the parents, it would logically be transmitted to their child along with the rest of their genetic material.In order that we might eliminate troublesome outside variables, it would be useful to have two completely separate sets of parents, with one set of parents to represent heredity, and the other set to represent environment.Although an experiment such as this cannot be deliberately…

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