Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetic engineering is a set of new techniques for altering the basic makeup of plants and animals.Genetically Modified Foods, (GFM's) have been increasingly edging their way into the public eye. The majority of processed foods in our grocery stores now contain engineered ingredients.Questions are starting to arise on the possible health risks and adverse environmental affects that these "novel" foods pose.With the new products ending up in farmer's fields and on our plates everyday, how do we know they are safe?
Many previous technologies have proved to have adverse effects unexpected by their developers.DDT for example, seemed to be an "ideal" chemical at the time of development.Later, it was found that it dangerously accumulated in fish and in turn, thinned the shells of fish-eating birds like the eagle and osprey.Even human children in the surrounding areas were born with serious and disfiguring birth defects resulting form the passing on of DDT infected DNA.Another example of this is chlorofluorocarbons, (CFC's) the "miracle" chemical.These CFC's turned out to float into our upper atmosphere and destroy the ozone layer.These "ideal" and "miracle" chemicals caused so much damage to our health and the environment, what harmful effects might turn out to be associated with the use or release of genetically engineered organisms?Could GMF's turn out to be just as deadly and dangerous as those?
It is not yet known of the potential adverse health risks that genetically engineered organism have on humans.Most concerns lie within the growth and consumption of genetically engineered crops. New allergens in transgenic crops can affect the health of sensitive individuals who would not know to avoid them.Those most likely to be affected are young children, senior citizens, and those with weak

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