Genetically Modified Foods

All one has to do these days to appreciate the extreme controversy
surrounding the topic of “Genetically Modified” or “GM” foods is to pick up
a random food item at any grocery storeâ€"it doesn’t even have to be one of
those hippie-dive health food outlets;;;and note its proud declaration;;;”Does
not contain genetically modified ingredients.”Indeed, one would imagine
upon reading such a statement that genetically modified foods are right up
there with saccharin, nicotine or even fiber-rich asbestos for all the
effort and expense employed in such labeling.However, although there are
some criticisms of the technology, as well as stridently presented
benefits, the fact remains that little is known about the possible good or
bad repercussions of GM foods.
In simple terms, genetic modification involves a technology designed
to alter the genetic “code” or makeup of an organism;;;be it an animal, a
plant, or even a bacteria.The way this is done is by something called
“recumbent DNA technology,” in which genes from different organisms are
combined to form an organism based on the sum of the genes.When such an
organism is produced, it is termed to be “genetically modified” or
For many unfamiliar with the subject, thefirst question is often
just why GM products are produced.One of the most important answers is
the process of locating selected genes with specifically useful traits.
For example, certain genetic traits help plants resist insects in the
field, while still others produce valuable nutrients that can be later
consumed by humans or animals that can benefit from them.
Although most people are largely unaware of the prevalence of GM
work, commercial applications of GM crops exist in more than forty
countries world wide.Of these, soybeans, cotton, corn and canola are
grown for their resistance to disea…

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