Genetic Testing

How do you feel about genetic testing?Genetic testing is a very controversial issue, especially in the workplace.Genetic testing could determine if personnel might possibly develop illnesses and side effects due to exposure of chemicals in the workplace.Yet, the use of genetic testing also brings fear of the outcome of the testing.All articles that I have researched support the utilitarian perspective, which verifies that genetic testing is not a valid measure to determine hereditary diseases and should not be used for employment purposes.However, the deontological perspective would be that genetic testing is moral when it is used properly, controlled and regulated by the appropriate agencies.
Genetic testing most definitely has its benefits.Knowledge about a genetic tendency toward a disease can help a person take steps to prevent it altogether or lessen its severity when the disease does strike.Yet, people who might benefit from knowing the about the possibility of inheriting a risk for certain diseases may shy away from genetic testing, or other family history information, due to their fear that employers will use that knowledge to deny job opportunities or health insurance.The actual testing will identify those that are susceptible to contracting a disease, but is not to be used as a means of diagnostic measures.However, there is a large amount of concern about the potential misuse of genetic information being available to employers.Testing would identify employees or potential employees who are unusually susceptible to workplace risks, or whose genetic makeup could be adversely affected by exposure to workplace toxins.While these results would not only be in the best interest of the employer, but also the employee, there are definite negative aspects to testing.Testing may identify employees or potential employees who may become prematurely unable to work, or who are

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