Genetic Modifications

The article, "Genetic Modification of Crops: partner or pariah for sustainable development?" deals with the controversial issues surrounding the genetic modification of crops.The article takes the reader through the process, the risks, and the benefits of genetic modification.
Through genetic modification specific genes are transferred into organisms so that the organisms will express those traits.The modification of these genes by biotechnologists has only taken place in these past few years.However, biotechnology has been around for thousands of years.There have been many positive aspects in the growth of biotechnology.Genetic modification has allowed for faster growth while conserving our resources.However, there is a worldwide concern for the environmental risks created through the production of GM crops and health risks due to GM food consumption.Despite these risks GM crops are abundant and may be the answer to world hunger.Another concern of the public and biotechnologists is the possibility of biotech monopolies.
The author speaks of biotechnology dating back to the Egyptians and the Summerians with the use of bread making and cheese making.Now the biotech industries are genetically modifying seeds which will grow quicker because they are developed to be more tolerant of extreme whether conditions and poor soil.Which seems like a no-lose situation, however, there is concern about the risks that GM foods will have.Some include the possibility of the flat lining of genetic material, meaning that genetic diversity will dissipate.Wild forms of crops will form through the flow of genes, which could also produce toxins that poison other organisms and predators.This also could induce allergic or immuno reactions in those that consume GM foods.Another worry is with companies producing certain characteristics for their seeds, they can also allow their seeds to be dependant on a product…

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