Genetic manipulation

One of the most controversial issues in America today is about genetic manipulation. Nearly all sectors of American society have a say about this matter, and so many sides to it have been argued. There are people for and against it. Yet, who really has the right to say what is right and what is wrong? Isn't the process of genetic manipulation a choice that the people have a right to take? There are some who say that genetic manipulation will lead to excessive individualism on the part of the people. People who are give a choice to choose their offspring's biological traits might abuse this kind of power. Still, modern America is slowly backing up the Human Genome Project. By permitting genetic manipulation in human embryos, American society allows the violation of a person's basic rights and promotes excessive individualism.
The term "genetics" is the "biology of heredity; especially the study of mechanisms of hereditary transmission and variations of organismal characteristics."The term "engineering" is "the application of scientific principles to practical ends, as the design, construction and operation of efficient and economical structures, equipment and systems."Genetic engineering allows scientists to identify, store, and manipulate the chemical blueprints or the DNA of living organisms. By reprogramming the genetic codes of living organisms, scientists will be able to customize and mass-produce a completely new culture of living things. Human genetic manipulation, as its name states, is the ability to directly manipulate or exploit genes of human beings. Human genes can be manipulated in various ways. They can be changed, improved or completely removed altogether. The most popular method of genetic manipulation is by using human embryos. An embryo is a fertilized egg cell. When an embryo is "healthy" enough, genes that are undesired can be changed so that …

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