Genetic enhancement

Genetic Enhancement: Out of Our Reach
How would you feel knowing that a child was killed before it even had a chance to live, or knowing that food you are eating can cause some kind of un-curable disease in the next couple of years? As you know, scientists are always researching new products to help make the human race better. Scientists are currently trying to figure out a way to use genetic enhancement to improve the human race, but at what cost.
I believe that these people are overstepping their boundaries as humans. Genetic enhancement is wrong, because its' process involves tampering with the work of God. Who are we as humans to mess with God's creation? Who knows what kind of damage this can bring during the next couple of years? People are currently having medical problems with genetically engineered food. Sure these food products may last the winter but what about the health problems that you can receive from eating these products.
Genetic enhancement is not as simple as many organizations have shown it to be. It has many faults that can affect people in different ways. The most noticeable fault in genetic enhancement is that the procedure has not been proven successful on humans. The procedure involves killing an embryo for its stem cells. These stem cells are the building blocks for genetic enhancement, but none of these procedures have ever worked on a human. How many potential human beings would have to be sacrificed in order to create a successful modification of a genetic code? Thankfully the United States banned the use of human stem cells in genetic research. This pretty much eliminates all possibilities of genetically enhancing a human in the United States, but there are still several other countries that keep destroying embryos for experimentation.
Financially genetic enhancement is draining million dollars every year from the United State's economy. This is a pointless waste of American&ap…

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