Genetic Engineering:Engineered Health Hazards

As a nation, we are constantly trying to increase the amount of goods we produce and the amount of time they are able to last.From adding preservatives to our food, to injecting cows with hormones to increase their size, to even larger gas tanks on our cars for better gas mileage.We can genetically alter fruits and vegetables, and with the use of hormones even cows.
Genetic engineering is the process of removing one or more genes from the DNA sequence of one organism and transplanting it into the sequence of another.The gene cannot just be placed in a certain location of the DNA sequence, so the insertion is completely haphazard.The end DNA sequence then has the newly added genes, which then in turn disrupts the organized sequence that it once was.The introduction of a foreign substance into an unknown environment may have unexpected and dangerous effect.Genetic engineering can now "affect animal growth at the enzyme level, fermentation of beverages, crop resistance to diseases and insects, lactation, ripening, sweetness, and other food qualities". (intekom)The two main biotech engineers are Monsanto and Aventis.
The food we eat day after day for the last several years has been genetically engineered.Some produce that are engineered are potatoes, grains, oilseeds, sugar and cotton, tomatoes, corn, papaya, some types of squash, and canola.It is now almost impossible to guarantee that "organic" crops are not tainted with genetic pollen, due to the vast amount of fields that produce genetic crops.
The cows are injected with a growth hormone called bovine somatotropin.The hormone is used to increase the milk yield up to 15% after being injected repeatedly.The enzyme chymosin is used in more than fifty percent of cheeses.Most of the crops are altered to resist the harmful effects of pesticides.
• Potatoes are engineered to fight beetles in Colorado and to resist pesticides and vi…

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