Genetic Engineering1

Fetal DNA modification, what is it? Fetal DNA Modification is a type of germ line gene therapy, but it is only performed on fetuses.This is because of their abnormalities of their gene makeup that could cause hereditary disease.If a genetic disease is found during the test of the amniotic fluid, then Fetal DNA therapy could be an excellent choice.Since the human genome project is nearly completed there is now the knowledge of where each gene in the human body is located and what its use is.With this knowledge Scientists can take viruses and change their genetic makeup to be able to fix the abnormalities that the growing fetuses have due to their genes.Due to evolution viruses have evolved to be able to penetrate the cell membranes and take over their reproductive capabilities of a cell.In doing so the cell reads the viruses genetic coding rather then its own and replicates with the viruses DNA.If we can successfully inject virus DNA that has its genes sequence changed so what was abnormal with the original fetus is now fixed in the viruses' genetic code.We would then be able to change the fetuses genetic makeup and the child to be born would no longer have the hereditary disease, or the genes to pass it on to its offspring.The possible problems with this treatment is that we could create mentally or physically retard babies in trying to change their genes because we do not know a lot about the procedure.Another problem is many people think that it is playing god, and that it is disturbing evolution that has occurred for the betterment of man over many thousands of years.
The way you need to evaluate biotechnology to determine if it is ethical is make sure it meets 4 credentials.They are Autonomy, which is, if you have the choice to do it or not.The second is nonmaleficence which is saying it isn't ethical if it risks harming or is going to harm someone, the third is beneficence which questions if i…

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