Genetic Engineering Debate

New technologies are developing daily in our society.Revolutionary ideas and procedures are coming into use in a variety of different fields.One field of study involves genetic engineering.A number of applications for genetic engineering have already surfaced and they have proven to be beneficial in some areas but are highly controversial in others.
Genetic engineering has become an important element in the realm of food production.Genetically modifying foods will help us reduce the use of synthetic pesticides which have been decreasing in effectiveness and have feed the Earth's expanding population.Modified foods can help increase their resistance to pesticides and herbicides thereby decreasing use of these pollutant chemicals and allowing plants to naturally manufacture pesticides to keep insects away.It will also allow plants to grow under much harsher weather conditions and poor soil.This will lead to better yields and increased food production making it easier to feed all humans.
Some critics, however, have doubts.They argue that genetically modified crops could transmit their modified genes to wild populations creating organisms against which humans may have no defense.Decreasing diversity in plant populations could make crops more susceptible to dangerous pathogens that could decimate their numbers. Another important argument revolves around the idea that people with food allergies and dietary conditions may have reactions to foods that contain dangerous substances due to modification that they may not previously have had.
A second application of genetic engineering is in the field of gene therapy and treatment of genetic diseases through genetic modifications.Supporters of gene therapy believe that is the most reasonable and cost effective way to treat most genetic diseases because the treatment would only have to be administered once because the modification would be incorporated int…

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